5 Day Cacao Immersion

5 Day Cacao Immersion

Enjoy the benefits of cacao all day, every day.

Join our FREE 5 Day Cacao Immersion to experience cacao on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Experience the high density nutrition and the nootropic brain enhancing benefits cacao has to offer.

Experience raising your frequency and manifesting with cacao.

Cacao is more than a drink or a chocolate bar. Cacao is an EXPERIENCE.


In the 5 day immersion, you will receive videos and guided meditations to connect deeply with cacao on all levels:

Day One: All about Cacao - brain benefits, health benefits, spiritual expansion

Day Two: Cacao manifestation ritual (morning mindfulness)

Day Three: Raise your frequency with cacao

Day Four: Clear and Replenish

Day Five: Nourish the body, mind and spirit

We recommend you receive your cacao BEFORE you start the Immersion.

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