We've Traveled the World to Bring the Best Cacao to You

Cacao was revered in Central and South America as the “Food of the Gods.” This sacred plant was used in ceremonies, events, and considered so special that it was reserved almost exclusively for the highest class of citizens.

There was even a time when cacao was used as currency! Money literally grew on trees.

Fast forward to now, and we realize how beneficial cacao is to us every day. As one of the highest nutrient density foods on the planet. In sacred ceremony. In social gatherings, in creating communities. 

It is both the sacred and the nutritional aspects of cacao we wish to bring forward to now.

Make every day a ceremony

We believe every day is sacred. By bringing cacao into your daily routine, whether that’s a moment of setting your intention for the day over a cup of cacao, or joining a cacao ceremony, you will cultivate feelings of wellness and inner peace, and find significance in your world.

Cacao is more than a drink. It’s a lifestyle of joy, happiness, and abundance. It’s self-care that you can spend a minute with, or an hour.

Cacao is here to open you up, elevate your consciousness, and bring more joy to your daily life.

Create a daily ritual with cacao
  • Cacao Pod

  • Ferment at Farm

  • Lightly Roast

  • Stone Ground

  • Turn into Granules

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We follow the inspiration of the Mayans in every step of our cacao production process, while adding a bit of modern technology into the mix.

We lightly toast our beans at a consistent low temperature, ensuring the nutritional and energetic aspects of the cacao are retained, while enhancing the flavors you love. These beans are stone ground with granite (and Love!) to produce the smooth, creamy texture and taste that makes Love Cacao so satisfying.

What do we NOT do? Use extreme heat. Temper our products (a process of changing the fat structure to make chocolate shiny). Overly process and remove the fats.

Cacao is a perfect food as it is. Why change it?

Purity from Bean to Cup

We practice the most ethical, sustainable sourcing and production practices possible.

We source directly from the community to ensure they are paid more than Fair Trade prices and are supported in sustainable farming practices.

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Meet our founder

Mindy West is a cacao ceremonialist, energy healer, and money mindset coach, to name a few. She lives with her son between Telluride, Colorado and Whidbey Island, WA. She became obsessed with cacao while living in the Americas – specifically Peru, Mexico and Guatemala – and made it her mission to bring this beautiful plant medicine to as many people as possible.

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