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Here at Love Cacao, we love to share the love!

Part of our mission is to fairly distribute our earnings with all involved. This means our farmers receive an amazing profit on their crops, AND our affiliates/wholesalers receive an amazing profit on their sales.



Affiliates receive 20% commission for all products sold. They receive a personalize link to share with potential customers. All products are sold on, and fulfilled by us. This is the easiest way to share the love without any extra time spent!

Love passive income?! Share our subscription products with your friends/clients/followers, and you will receive commission on their purchases for as long as they buy.

Affiliate earnings will be paid monthly, after the 30 day return period for products sold.

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Wholesale and Bulk Purchasing

Interested in selling Love Cacao in your retail shop, on your website, at your retreat, or however else you imagine?! Get in touch! Send an email to to set up a time to connect.

In this call we will get clear on your vision and how to best make that happen :)


Join our Community

Whether you are an affiliate, ceremonialist or wholesaler, we invite you to join our community! Here you will connect with like-minded cacao enthusiasts - ceremonialists, retailers, online entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, course creators - the list goes on!

This is the first place to go for Love Cacao updates, to ask questions (tag Mindy West) and to receive social media posts to use, or anything else that will support you in your cacao business.

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Email with any questions. We can't wait to hear from you!