Ethical sourcing is at the heart of what we do.

Ethical sourcing is at the heart of what we do.

Part of loving cacao is connecting with the farmers and producers of our product. We create intimate relationships with all people and parts of our supply chain in order to ensure we bring the best product to you.

Cacao has the amazing ability to absorb the energy around it. That starts from the moment it is planted, all the way until it hits your lips. Why does our cacao feel so different than every else's? It's because we ensure the energetic practices - from seed, to bean, to cup - serve you.

What does this mean?

No child labor. No pesticides. No exploitation. Ever.

Our mission at Love Cacao is that everyone involved benefits - the farmers, producers, the distributers, our affiliates and wholesalers, and especially YOU!

We work with the Maleku tribe of Costa Rica and a Mayan Women's Collective in Guatemala to bring you the best, most ethically sourced cacao possible.

Before the cacao leaves our facilities, the energy is cleared and attuned to the highest frequency possible by Mindy West. We recommend you clear the energy at home to from anything that may have been picked up in transit.

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