Join a Love Cacao Online Ceremony

"An indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rain forest to open people's hearts and return the planet to harmony"

Join us for a LIVE Online Cacao Ceremony each week with Mindy West!

Experience the magical, heart opening properties of this incredible plant medicine. You will be amazed how you feel after a sacred ceremony¬†ūüíö

Mindy's Online Cacao Ceremonies are fun, easy, and hugely transformative experiences that will heal, expand, and bring you insights you never imagined

You will go deep within yourself in a supportive ceremony setting to unblock, release, and heal, while receiving life-changing insights and intuitive hits about your next steps and future possibilities.

You will receive personal, intuitive guidance direct from Mindy West, live on the ceremony.

You will shift your frequency to a higher vibration, aligning to attract your desires.

You will connect to the Spirit of Cacao, and experience this sacred plant medicine in a whole new way.

Expect a different ceremony and experience each time you join - no two ceremonies are the same!


Ceremony Schedule

Ceremonies are held each Friday at 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern. Exceptions will be noted on this page.


Interested in joining? The ceremony is FREE, just let us know you are attending! 

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You will receive an email with all the information you need to know in order to join us - how to prepare your cacao for ceremonial use, how to set up an altar (optional), and the Zoom link for our call.

Please join on time, as this is a sacred space. Anyone joining more than five minutes late will not be admitted to the ceremony.


Interested in holding your own cacao ceremonies? Become a Love Cacao Ceremonialist!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get the cacao?

Before the ceremony, purchase Cacao from Prepare it according to the directions in your email.

What does Cacao feel like?

Cacao has a beautiful feeling in the body. It opens your heart, expands your intuition, increases focus, and gives you a light, euphoric feeling. Only drink as much as your body needs, as it can slightly increase your heart rate or cause you to feel ungrounded. Trust your intuition.

How does the ceremony work?

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to prepare your cacao, altar (optional) and the Zoom link to join. Download Zoom (free software) before the ceremony starts. Join a couple minutes early, with everything prepared. We ask that you leave your camera on, to create the community feeling of the experience (you wouldn't hide behind a curtain for an in-person ceremony, so please don't hide for us!).

How does the ceremony work?

How can you hold the energy of a ceremony online?! It sounds strange, but it works. The ceremony feels just like we are sitting in a circle, in person. We do not have to be in the same place to create a huge energetic shift and impact. The first time, you just have to trust me it works :) Each time after, you will just know!

How long does the ceremony last?

The ceremony itself lasts about 90 minutes, but the effects last a lifetime!

Is the ceremony itself recorded?

Mindy will record the ceremony for her records, but it will not be distributed to the public or anyone in the ceremony (no replay). This is a live event, so focus and participation is encouraged. Treat it as if you were going to a ceremony in-person! What happens and is shared in the ceremony stays in the ceremony.

Can my children join me during the ceremony?

Yes, of course! Children are always welcome. They may enjoy a sip or two of the cacao as well :)

What if I can't make the ceremony?

Join another week! The Zoom link you receive in your email will stay the same.

Can Mindy host private ceremonies or retreats for my group?

Yes! Mindy is happy to hold private ceremonies online or in-person, depending on the size of the group. Please email to coordinate.